Monday, August 10, 2009

KO's Special Comment On Palin's Death Squads


et said...

Brilliant, as always. Never mind that reams of insurance rules and claims people who are rewarded more for denying care than living up to policy obligations are doing more to damage people's health care than Caribou Barbie's imagination ever has or will do.

I'll say it so many can be persuaded to fight in favor of corporate interests against their own well-being and greater freedom of choice - much less to claim that they are doing so in the cause of "liberty" - baffles me no end.

Jonathan said...

It's simple: we're an ignorant and stupid nation.

We protest the very issues, like health care reform, that will benefit our citizens profoundly, because some loudmouth with a highly rated cable news show yells "It's a slippery slope towards socialism in America!"
Hell, we elect ignorant and batshit crazy politicos like Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, and Bush Jr. to run for representation of a district or President of the United States when any other country on earth wouldn't hire 'em to run a hot dog stand, much less hold public office!

When the rest of the world saw through the con job that was Iraq War, we raised the proverbial middle finger to the world community, invaded and occupied a sovereign nation, and hired a bunch of mercenaries to fix the country we destroyed and let them do whatever the hell they wanted without having Congress investigate their dealings.

et said...

Absolutely right, Jonathan. And if you have not experienced it already, I would point you toward Bill Maher's excellent segment refusing to apologize for calling America "stupid," because on this issue especially, the Stupid is on display front and center

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