Monday, August 24, 2009

The 93 Million-Dollar Man

Speaking as a Chargers fan, Philip Rivers has proven himself as a leader and as one of the top 10 QB's in the league (see his gusty '07 performance in the AFC title game against Bill Beli-cheat and last year's stats: QB rating of 105.5; thrown for 4,009 yds; tied Saints QB Drew Brees for 34 TD's). But is he really worth his new contract: a reported $93 million for six years, with $38 million guaranteed this year? Yes, since his arrival, the Bolts have won three consecutive titles in the AFC West, he's 33-15 overall in the regular season (3-3 in postseason play) and has gone to the Pro-Bowl. The no's don't lie, but the only stat that matters is the most elusive one for San Diego: a Vince Lombardi trophy. Rivers hasn't even played in the big game yet, and Dean Spanos is giving him 93 mil? Sorry, but until he's won a Super Bowl ring, he's worth $78-80 million, not nearly $100 million.

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