Friday, August 7, 2009

Shit You Have To Believe To Be A Conservative On Health Care

It's Been awhile since we've done this....

The people the insurance companies to disrupt town hall meetings are grassroots everyday people but people the unions are sending to keep the peace are goons.

Paying for our representatives to have government health care is fine but we ourselves should not have it.

Government should stay out of health care except medicare.


et said...

It's really hard to parse all the cognitive dissonance, isn't it, Count?

et said...

The interesting thing about this is that whenever I attempt to engage any of the frothing fringe on this, their only retort is either that (a) whichever wingnut of choice they are listening to at that time is absolutely right, so my commentary is meaningless; or, (b) the unhinged left wrote the book on opposition-by-mob (say WHAT? Were they even watching in Florida in 2000?) so I have no reason to object to these honest, upright grassroots citizens somehow all miraculously shouting down Democratic representatives with coordinated talking points.

Honestly...someone at the top - and you know who I mean - has to call this BS what it is, and soon, or mob rule will rule the day.

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