Sunday, August 30, 2009

They hate us! They really hate us!

So this week, I got pissed off when some of the fringe conservatives decided to celebrate the death of Ted Kennedy, so, naturally, I let my feelings be known on one of the blogs.

"Compassionate Christian," my behind!
You're a real fucking asshole, you know that?
Jonathan | Homepage | 08.26.09 - 6:02 pm | #

To quote Joseph Welch:
"Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?"
Jonathan | Homepage | 08.26.09 - 6:07 pm | #

Of course, I took some crap for it.

Compassion does not demand that we eulogize the dead, nor does Christianity.

Do you deny that he left her to die to save his own skin? Does such a man deserve our eulogies?
W.B. Picklesworth | Homepage | 08.27.09 - 6:43 pm | #

Compassion? Have you no compassion for MJK? Why does TK deserve compassion when MJK does not? is it because TK was a Senator for life,. While Mary Jo Kopechne was just an ordinary citizen?

Oh wait. I guess we' never know what MaryJo Kopechne would've accomplished in her ife, will we.

then again, the life od MJk really dopesn't matter compared with the life of an 'impoprtant' Senator from Massachusetts, does it?

what I meant is that MJK received no justice for TK's role in her untimely demise in this world; she's finally receiving it in the next.

By the way, Jonathan- way to master that eloquent four-letter word vocabulary of yours. Keep it up. It really becomes you.
Leo Pusateri | Homepage | 08.27.09 - 9:42 pm | #

First, a little background on that fateful incident:

Suffering from concussion and shock, Kennedy dove repeatedly to try to save his passenger. Kennedy went back to the Kennedy compound to get help, and he and two cousins were unable to get the car open to get Mary Jo out of the overturned vehicle. Kennedy and all others at the compound said he had not been drinking.

While Kennedy also spoke to the authorities in less time than Cheney took in speaking to the authorities (hunting accident), Kennedy still left the scene of an accident without immediately reporting the accident to the authorities.

Kennedy pled quilty to leaving the scene of an accident, was convicted and succesfully completed his probation.

He also made a very public speech where he took full responsibility for his actions that night._"I do not seek to escape responsibility for my actions by placing the blame either on the physical and emotional trauma brought on by the accident, or anyone else. I regard as indefensible the fact that I did not report the accident to the police immediately."

Mind you, it still doesn't excuse the fact that he didn't report the crash to the police immediately, but to say that Ted Kennedy let Mary Jo die to save his own skin is utter nonsense.

But, it turns out my thoughts on Leo pissing on Kennedy's grave have made it on another conservative blog. And come Monday, they're gonna be gunning for me.

First off - I don't own this blog (That would be Count Isvan). I merely contribute to it whenever I can.
Second - Bring it on.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Like I said You can judge a man by his enemies as well as his friends. And No I don't "own" this blog. Since I am not paying for it. Anyway Thank you you Louie. Just so long as you spell our name right.

Aunty Em Ericann said...

Pissing people off is an art form, Jonathan.

With all my love,
Aunty Em

Anonymous said...

Hey Aunty how have things been going with you?

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