Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jeremiah's Getting Scared...

Dropped in lately at our old pal Jeremiah's unhinged place? As you might well imagine, he's ranting on about the evil media, the abomination that is the mere discussion of gay marriage, how malicious is the separation of the all-powerful church and the all-corrupting state...all his standard memes, in full flower.

Only, now that he apparently has an entire THREE followers, he has concluded that he needs to hear only from concurrent voices, and is deleting/censoring - at least from here on out - any posts with which he happens to disagree.

Herewith his rationale, in an exchange from this post:
Anonymous said...

Hey since you have so few comments, how about not deleting the few you have?

Jeremiah said...

RE: Hey since you have so few comments, how about not deleting the few you have?

Dear Concerned Anonymous poster,

Few or no comments, I do not intend to support or help in any way the atheist/liberal worldview.

I designed this site to support the party I am affiliated with. Although, it is not merely along party lines alone. I have many other interests which support my worldview.

I post my political as well as spiritual views, as it is in the spiritual where the real battle is being waged, and will ultimately decide the outcome of mankind.

If any given poster's inquiry or suggestions support Christianity and the Bible they have permission to leave their thoughts here. Atheists/liberals, however, do not.

So, if you are an atheist, do not be alarmed if you come to find that your very next post and subsequent posts will be deleted in accordance with the guidelines I have outlined for your here in the above statements.

Thank you.

There's the courage of his convictions for you. He's trying to convert those who are disposed to disagree with him by ignoring their commentary, and simply continuing to spout his malarkey to the whole THREE people on the Internet who give a sufficient damn to agree with and follow him.

Way to go for the LORD, Jer. I'm sure he will appreciate all the souls you have won for him in the heat of Internet battle.


et said...

I love that his choices for commenting on his posts are "Interesting" and "Helpful" and "Good." It's like Stephen Colbert..."Great President, or GREATEST President EVER?"

Godzilla104 said...

Courage of conviction? Jeremiah? Now there's an oxymoron and extreme irony all wrapped up in a single close minded and bigoted package.

Courage? Jeremiah is afraid of getting his a#$ kicked on the internet... Wonder if that fear carries over into real life? Its entirely possible this religious retard is too scared to come out of his own house for fear of being verbally smacked down for his inane beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Now if Jerry get's the kind of opposition posts that we get I can almost see his point. That being said Jerry is a piece of shit.

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