Friday, April 29, 2011

The Time Now Is To Care For Alabama Not Point The Finger

I must speak as somebody who lives in a bright red state about some of the comments I've seen on twitter and various other sites about how Alabama is just getting what it deserves because of the state's political leaning and racist past/present. While I too find the irony of watching one of the leading breeding grounds of Teabag America running around yelling where is the government? Where is the government? I would also point out there were 813,500 people who voted for Barack Obama in the state of Alabama in 2008. What of their suffering? And what of the 1.2 million who voted for McCain? That was certainly their right as an American and though that is not an act I agreed with I certainly don't find it so egregious that I take pleasure in the fact that some of those people today are today with our food, shelter or even worse loved ones.

If you're going down the path of taking pleasure in the pain of Alabama because of it's red hue then you certainly have no right to point the finger at Right Wing morons like Pat Robertson for his gays caused every violent act of Mother nature routine. One is just as bad as the other is it not? I have family in Hartselle Alabama an Uncle who is in his late 70's and an Aunt who is in her 80's. Neither is in what you would call good health. He has had cancer and heart troubles but his mental capacity is fine. She is fine physically but has Alzheimer's. I talked to him yesterday and he told me they would be with out power for the next 3 to 8 days. This is a real tragedy affecting real people.

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RalphyFan said...

Fair point, Count. The President is the President of the whole country...even when we might have wished it otherwise...and it's not a time for blame but instead for "a more perfect union" and help where help is needed.

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