Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spike Lee Is A Douche, Boston Is Up 2-0 And This Series Might Kill Me.

Spike Lee is a douche. Let me just get that out. Yes he made one good movie (X) And yes buried somewhere inside 2 or 3 of his other movies is a good movie waiting to get out but it's not really his movies that make Spike a Douche. it's Spike himself and knowing that right now as Knicks fan he is beyond pissed gives me more joy than the actual game did. Now as for the game.

Boston won again 96-93. They needed to comeback in the last 20 seconds again. Mello Anthony who did nothing else wrong tonight failed in the clutch again. Though lest you blame Mello he only had 42 points and with out he and Bennett Salvatore God knows were the Knicks would have been.

Boston got a huge game from Rajon Rondo who schooled Toney Douglas tonight to the tune of 30 points. Ray Allen was hot early and Paul Pierce kept Boston in the game in the third quarter. KG was off and a non factor until the last 20 seconds and then he made 2 huge plays hitting a basket and getting the ball and calling a timeout.

So if all of The Celtics starters had their moments how did the Knicks almost win this game basically with out 2 of their 3 best players? For starters Anthony was un-Godly and Boston could not get a rebound to save their lives tonight. Boston rebounded the ball so well in game 1 that people basically forgot they are a really shitty rebounding team. Tonight they reminded us big time.

The other thing that kept the Knicks in the game was Bostons' bench. The Celtics Bench was bad in game 1 it was terrible tonight. And one doesn't see Boston going that much further if they remain a team that is 5 deep. Jeff Green made some offensive plays including a 3 in the second half but for the most part he was awful as was Delante West. Kritic got in the game waved to the crowd and was never seen again. However the biggest disappointment off of Boston's Bench was big baby Davis. He got a huge put back basket late in the game but he really played about as bad as I have ever seen him play. tentative on offense non existent on defense. Hopefully Jermain O'Neal can give more minutes Friday.

There is a tendency to give New York the next two games since the first two in Boston were so close. I think that is foolhardy. NY will be healthier but what will their mindset be? They have to feel they should be up and they are down 0-2. One thing is for certain if it's close late I like my teams chances.

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