Thursday, April 28, 2011

End Of An Era

Shocking news, ladies and gents - Ralph's palace of lunacy has completely disappeared from Blogger, to be replaced by a message stating that the entire blog has been "removed." I doubt it's a massive change of heart by our favorite nutcase, so we must assume that sufficient complaints to Blogger have been heard.

I guess now we'll have to write our own conclusions for "The Morning After." I'll wash my windshield in your memory, Ralph.

I guess it's up to me the Count to eulogize Ralph since I drew the short straw and all. I can only hope I can regain my composure enough to deliver a few short words about the Dearly departed Ralph Phillips with out getting all emotional because I promised myself I would not. Ralph was a stran...unique man. Many is the time he would scream about PIAPS or go off on a 37 minute ramble about all of the things we supposedly hated. It was during these times of being accused of hating all things Ralph held dear like Rod Parsley, Apple Pie and John Hagge that I come to understand Ralph's true love for America For ulster and for us.

While other who encountered Ralph may have wondered who or what is PIAPS? Why does he care about Ulster? Why is he always screaming? Did he really just threaten to call the FBI on me? Is he this really nuts? All I could think of was the genuine love in his heart
. For his beloved America, English language and Sarah Palin. Many is the time his personal motto his way of life "The Culture war is so fucking on" struck a real chord in my heart as did his call for the "beautiful Coulter plan for peace. You will be missed Ralph Phillips. Rest well buddy rest well. May they have no caps lock in heaven!

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Anonymous said...

OH NO! How shall I ever know what evils PIAPS has brought on the world!

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