Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gameday! Spring Game


I am always amazed at how worked up we get over this game which is nothing more than a scrimmage and not even an important scrimmage at that. Bo Pelini has said many times this is for the fans. The work and evaluating has pretty much been done. Yet it's a big deal in these parts. if somebody has a big game tomorrow he'll be the next big thing. never-mind that defenses are running the most basic looks. Of course offenses are as well. The players Nebraska can't afford to get injured like Martinez and Burkhead will play about 2 series and then sign autographs I am sure. In fact injuries are the only thing important that can come out of this game.

So why we need it? The football team probably doesn't. As I said their hard work for the spring is done. And I am sure the coaches could do with out it as well however... The athletic department loves it because even at $10 a pop instead of $65 or $75 * that by worse case scenario 65,000 fans that is a nice chunk of change. And that doesn't factor in the other $ spent on hot dogs and soda and merchandise at Huskers Authentic.

The games biggest purpose however is for the parents of children. I mentioned my friend with 3 young 'uns a few days ago. if he wanted to take his boys to a game you're talking a good $300 to $400 for tickets depending on the opponent. At $10 a piece for tickets he could take his kids to this game and they'll get an atmosphere that is actually pretty damned close to a real game day atmosphere for a small fraction of the cost. This really is just about the only game average folks with kids can afford. At halftime the kids can go down on the field because they do the drug/tobacco and alcohol pledge. They pledge to NOT use those things BTW.

This will be the thread I use for game thoughts tomorrow. I am not going this year though I did get a program for my nephew and myself and had it shipped.

For the record I like the White squad in a low scoring game 14-7.

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