Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Game Thoughts

Yeah I said I would use the thread below but... New thread.

Weather is not bad. maybe not as nice as the past few years but Temperature in Lincoln right now is 50 and it is sunny. Forecast high of 60 in Lincoln today. Not bad at all.

I am going to have to find the remote I can't listen to commercials for Glenn Beck's radio show

Red wins the toss and will defer. oh the excitement!

Rex Burkhead gets a first-down on first play. Are we happy about the offense or worried about the defense? How about neither.

Crappy punt. Kicking is the biggest worry with this team.

Jamal Turner on a punt return takes it all the way back to the Red 22 yard line.

And white fumbles away the first scoring opportunity.

So far the defenses are much better than the offenses. Huge surprise huh?

Full game through three quarters and perhaps a running clock in the 4th.

Turnovers and penalties how long until we hear Tim Beck has to go?

Tyler Moore hurt. See you can't avoid injuries in this game. Wish you could but you can't. Sounds like Moore isn't hurt badly.

So far really sloppy offensively. Not huge shock though.

Burkhead is having a nice game I agree with Davison a few more carries and he'll be done

Hand off to the fullback!!! Hand off to the fullback!!!

And Taylor Martinez gets sacked on the last play of the quarter 0-0 through one.

Courtney Osborne! Courtney!

Brion Carnes in the game to play QB for the Whites.

Nice run for the whites by the immortal Ty Kildow.

And penalties again.

39 yard field goal and it is good. That's a great sign. First really good sight from this scrimmage.

Ok I have to get caught up.

Brandon Kinnie had a giant kick return then Nebraska actually ran an halfback trap and scored from 10 yards out. Tyler Legate. Sending me in to a football orgasm.

I really think Greg Sharpe is a fine announcer but he is having a rough call. Call it announcer rust.

Jamal Turner makes a catch as the game is warming up.

And the Immortal Tyler Wullenwaber makes a catch. You gotta love the spring game.

It sounds as if Ron Kellogg Jr. is playing some good football but then he always does in the spring game.

66,784 people at the spring game. down from previous years but still very good.

Another fullback trap another touchdown. is Dr. Tom calling these plays? I love it!

14-3 Reds.

Touchdown Jamal Turner but he got called for Unsportsman like conduct but they're saying it happened in the endzone.

50 yard Touchdown pass from Brion Carnes to Jamal Turner. There is a shitty new rule about unsportsmanlike conduct penalties that happen before the player crosses the goal line BUT they said he had crossed the goal line before the penalty so points count. Extra point is blocked.
14-9 Red.

Again I really like Greg Sharpe but he is not having a good call all today

14-9 Reds at Halftime.

Halftime. Adults are now pledging to keep their kids away from Alcohol while discussing which bar they will party at after the game.

Going to have running clock from here on in according to Greg Sharpe.

Taylor Martinez throws an interception.

And they are not running the clock. Greg having a really bad day.

Touchdown Rex Burkhead but holding on the white squad points off of the board.

25 yard field goal isssssssssssssssssssss good. 14-12 reds.

I just fed the cat and apparently missed a defensive score. 21-12 Red. What just happened?

Jamal Turner is having a really big game. Have to remember it's just a scrimmage but he's really playing well.

Brion Carnes has a little Booboo but he is staying in the game. Good sign.

Ethan Davis to attempt a 25 yard field goal and he makes it! 21-15 Reds.

Are our kick returners good or does the kick coverage need work? or are people who have never been on the field with each other out on the field with each other? I tend to believe the later.

The wheels are falling of the wagon in this game now.

So Cody Green who was the starting QB for the white squad but was playing for the red squad just took the white squad on TD drive to take their first lead of the game 22-21. Follow?

Whites 22 Reds 21 after 3. going to get running clock soon.

Another touchdown pass for Brion Carnes. to jacob Smith White's have dominated the second half. 29-21 whites.

Ron Kellogg taking the Reds on a possible game tying drive. if they score they should go for 2.

And the clock is now moving The reds should really go for 2 if they score.

Zach Taylor for a red Touchdown and a Zach Taylor 2pt conversion. 29-29 Of course they went for 2 they had to. I lost track of the score.

Hahahaha The red's kicked an onside kick. White recovers.

Brett Maher to kick a 33 yard field goal to take the lead for the Whites. Fake Incomplete.

And he re kicks it from 34 yards out and he missed it. I hope our kicking game doesn't kill us this year.

White goes for it on 4th down and fumbles with 44 seconds left and the Red has it.

39 yard kick for the Red to try and win the game and it is good! Red wins 32-29.

There were a ton of penalties and the usual turnovers you have every spring game but overall this game was far more entertaining than I expected it to be.

I know you have to temper your enthusiasm because this is only a scrimmage but Carnes and Turner played really really well.

Final Score


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