Friday, April 15, 2011

The View From My Ass

Any and all typos are either intentional or mistakes. In any case they aren't intended to be statements of fact.

Well I talked the Contessa out of canceling our cable. She insist she's going to sulk for a year in protest and that is fine but I'll be damned if I lose my cable over One Freakin Life To Live. As I told her after a solid hour of hearing about how unfair it was. There are 5000 TV channels anymore and maybe 5 or 10 are dedicated to men's programing and many of the "mens" channels like Spike suck The other 4,995 to 4,990 channels might run the football game or NBA MLB playoff game but for the most part 95 to 100 percent of their programing is for you gals. Pardon me if I don't cry any tears over Llandview.

I am reading John Gradner's last James Bond novel Cold Fall or COLD if you live on the other side of the pond. 60 pages into it and on the one hand I got put off already by she's dead, she's alive now she's dead no really for real (of course she isn't) but on the other hand it's pretty funny that a book written in 1996 and this particular part of the book takes place in 1990 the villains are essentially the Teabaggers. They are a group called Children Of The Last Days (hence the name of the book COLD) made up of religious nuts, anti-government militia and the mafia who is only involved because they are making money off of the Religious and paranoid morons. A group of Dale Gribbles and John Hagee's bankrolled by Koch brothers and Donald Trump. Glad it's only fiction.

Whatever else can be said about Gardner's Bond output His villains were more grounded in reality than most of Fleming's. Gone is the half Chinese guy living on his own island which he pays for by collecting bird shit and in are honest to goodness fairly real life bad folks. This is not always a good thing of course. James Bond is nothing if not fantasy but sometimes Gardner seemed to have a sense of where the world was headed. In his 1988 book Scorpius M worries that terrorist are going to make the world so paranoid that we will soon live in a world where one can't even attend a football game (soccer for us Yanks) with out being searched for weapons. Gee that never has happened has it?

Does anybody else find following conservative politics to be kin to watching a Williams Sisters tennis match? We're against election fraud! Down with ACORN! hit the political tennis ball. Oh some woman found 14,000 votes on her personal computer in Wisconsin she's a hero! Hit the political tennis ball. Those greedy teachers make $100,000 a year why are they whining? I can't live on $140,000 a year I need a tax break! Back and forth that ball goes! Today I got on twitter to find the Conservatives all up in arms over a comment that Keith Olbermann made which they turned into a comment he didn't make. The comment was made about Republifembot S.C. Cupp.? S. E. Cupp? who gives a fuck? Anyway the right was up in arms because Olbermann supposedly said Miss Cupp should have been aborted. Of course he said no such thing. But it doesn't matter becuase Cupp said he said it then Malkin said he said then Megan McCain (now there's a true culture warrior folks) said he said it then that Blonde bimbo on Fox that is supposedly a Democratic strategist said he said it. Something gets said it gets repeated and the next thing you know every Ralph, Bob and Ranger Bob is repeating it.

S.E.C. Cupp is a cross dressing cross between Sarah Palin and Velma Dinkly who is only of use to the GOP because she manages to at least physically look smarter than Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly and most every other Rebulifembot. All of the geek glasses and men's shirt and ties however can't hide the fact that like all Republifembots she is a moron however and once she opens her mouth the look at me I am a smart female conservative game is over.

The only reason I mention the Olbermann fiasco is because they created it to make themselves to look like victims, even though they say they hate the victim culture. Here we go playing conservatennis again. It's always conservatives who are always whining about things being too PC! That people take their words too seriously. They scream and yell because they can't call people N***** ,S***** and Fa****** anymore becuase they have no free speech and the world has gone PC! The very same people who believe they should be allowed to say any damned thing they please are always the same ones who say Oh My Gawd! Look at what Olbermann said about S.C.E. Cupp! he said she should have been aborted even though he never actually said that! The Outrage! he shouldn't be allowed to say such things that WE the white conservatives of America might get offended by!

Conservatives now love he Constitution that their second favorite President ever called a damn piece of paper. They love America liberties and freedom but don't want to pay for any of the three. Shit they love America so much that those American loving patriots were shouting shut it down shut it down last week! Conservatives want less government in their lives but want to tell you what God to worship and who you should marry. The list of subjects with which the game of Conservatennis is played is endless and confusing to anybody with an IQ higher than E.C.S. Cupps.

One last final thing. I read this article on Newshounds About Fox and Friends love of Brother John Hagee. Why aren't we taxing this fool? Seriously if we are as broke as the Conservatennis pros say why aren't we taxing Hagee, Parsley, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Myers, Benny Hinn, The Crouches ETC? Watch these programs they are as much and in most cases far more political than they are religious. In the cases of Hagee and Child Abuser and Ralph favorite Parsley they are almost all politics. And yes the smiling I love everybody hucksters like Olsteen should be taxed as well. Olsteen's church is the Summit where the Houston Rockets used to play. The man's church is an 18,000 seat stadium for fuck sake. Tax free because of religious reasons my ass. Are the mall and helipad in the Dollar compound also religious and there for tax free purposes?

Sure they are.


Count Istvan


et said...

Soap operas were pretty much doomed to go the way of travel agents and typewriter sales in today's oversaturated cable environment. Never understood the fascination, myself.

As for the conservative victim culture, you'll get no argument from me. It's all down to horrid lefty meanies insisting that people who have ideas, faiths, or pigmentation other than the Cons' need to be equally treated as, you know, people. I can't even listen to any of that rhetoric any more. They sound like whiny children of privilege moaning about having to do their homework or not being able to have a sleepover for 50.

Anonymous said...

Here's the amazing thing. she thinks all other Soap Operas are stupid. Except for one which to me looks to me like every other soap I have ever seen.

et said...

I put them in the same category as Harlequin romances, or heaven-help-us Barbara Cartland dreck, which my college roommate actually read until I converted her to the rare and wonderful world of science fiction. Same plots, similar faces, marginally different names, and absurdly overblown delivery.

Anonymous said...

Same plots, similar faces, marginally different names, and absurdly overblown delivery.

So...pretty much just like the world of James Bond. I suddenly understand her love from OLTL much better. Thank You :)

et said...

You know that's not what I meant at ALL, Count!

But, you're welcome.

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