Sunday, April 17, 2011

About That We'll Turn It On Thing.

Both the Celtics and Lakers blew off the last month of the regular telling anybody who would listen they would "turn it on" when Playoff time came around.


Yes it's been proven a team can blow off the last month and get away with it. Boston did this just last year when it looked like they might not even get past Miami in the first round at the start of the playoffs only to come with in inches of winning it all. However it's a fool hardy plan. We saw that today with The Lakers and the Celtics. LA tried and tried to turn it on but just couldn't find it. As a result they are down 0-1 to the New Orleans Hornets. Boston slept walk through the first half against the Knicks and needed a Jesus Shuttlesworth (Ray Allen) 3pt basket to bail their asses out in an 87-85 win over the Knicks. I think Boston and LA will win these series. I even think they'll probably meet in the finals but sleeping walking for a month only to rely on "turning it on" is not only not wise it's a good way to find your ass at home.

LA now finds itself in an 0-1 hole. Boston is damned lucky to not be the same. Now would be a good time to turn it on if they can and only have themselves to blame if they can't find the switch.

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