Saturday, April 2, 2011

Open Thread Final 4 Thread

It's a very lovely day at least here in the Midwest. I Love this weather. Well Home Ralphyfan! We Missed you. Any thoughts on Unions, Final 4, your gold investments you bought off of Larry Rhodes.

Butler 70 Virginia Commonwealth 62. Difference in the game was Butler has been there and done that before. The experience in this atmosphere showed down the stretch.

UCONN 56 Kentucky 55

So we have the Bulldogs of Butler Vs The Huskies of Connecticut. So it's a National Championship for Dog Lovers.

Brett Favre who was never one of the best 20 Quarterbacks in any of the 6 decades in which he played was voted the 20th best player in NFL history. Even more laughable the fans voted him 6th. I can only imagine that idiots who are constantly jerking off to Mr. over-rated like Boobie Peters voted over and over again


Yogafrog said...

What's up Count? Yeah...I'm pretty excited UCONN won! That game was crazy! I'm hoping they can pull off another win against Butler.

Anonymous said...

Well not having a Dog in the fight I am rooting for Butler. (sorry!) to be sure it's not a game I am going to lose sleep over either way. Just hope it's a good game. Thanks for stopping over YF!

Yogafrog said... long as its a good game.

Ralphyfan said...

Can't comment on the Final Four, alas, but I'm all for the Unions pushing back against the oligarchs! Good to be back.

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