Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thoughts On The NFL Draft.

Not really just thoughts on the Nebraska players that got drafted. I love how these "experts" always grade these drafts right away as if they have some crystal ball. I figure it takes 5 years to correctly judge a draft not 5 minutes. Still they have a job to do.

BTW note to College Football News. Brett Favre second best QB in NFL history? Really? Who wrote that shit Bob Peters? I was wondering what he's been to since his D.M. Borders folded.


Prince Amukamara 1st Round New York Giants. Prince had no interceptions last year but a huge reason for that is few teams threw at him last year. Another reason for that is he had about three touchdowns in his hands and dropped them. Needs to improve on hands and tackling but he's rarely taken advantage off. one exception was the Oklahoma State game and Justin Blackmon who had a huge game on Prince.

Roy Helu JR. 4th Round Washington Redskins. Had 307 yards rushing a school record against Missouri and finished as the 5th leading rusher in NU history. Has great athleticism and good speed. Injury prone and tends to go through slumps. has been very good off of the field.

Alex Henery 4th Round Philadelphia Eagles. Simply the best kicker I have ever seen on the college level. Clutch to boot. Made 57 yard field goal to ostensibly beat Colorado in 2008. Missed one extra point in 4 years missed one kick last year 51 yards blocked. Has missed 2 kicks under 50 yards in 4 years. Most accurate kicker in college football history.

Dejon Gomes 5th round Washington Redskins Playmaker at safety maybe too small to play safety in NFL and need to work on his DB skills. Possibly needs to improve as a tackler. Makes huge plays.

Niles Paul 5th Round Washington Redskins. Niles will make you stand up and shout his very name for all sorts of reasons. As I have said for the better part of 3 years you have special Niles and you have special Niles. He'll take a punt back a 100 yards one minute and fumble the next on the 10. He'll make spectacular catches and drop the easiest of throws. He's a big play guy but he's mistake prone. Doesn't handle crowd criticism well though he's had more here than he should have. Not a coincidence that Nebraska's offense shut down after he got hurt last year.

Kieth Williams 6th round Pittsburgh Steelers. Great run blocker Probably needs some pass blocking work. He's a Nebraska offensive lineman. Few have had great NFl careers because of that combination.

Eric Hagg 7th Round Cleveland Browns. This one shocked me. I thought Hagg would go much quicker than the 7th round. Big play guy. Was the MVP of the defense last year. Won 2009 Gator Bowl against Clemson and Iowa State game last year. had 95 yard punt return against Texas. Played a hybrid linebacker-Safety at Nebraska called a Peso back because coaches felt they had to have him and his play making abilities on the field.

Jonathan if you want to comment on NFL draft put your thoughts here.

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