Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rapture's Over

How was it for you? Have any cool rapture stories? It got dark and rainy and started to thunder here about Rapture time which was cool but that was it. Any stories? Know anybody that got taken? Has anybody heard from Ralph? Is anybody goin to San Antone or Phoenix Arizona? Anyway feel free to share.


et said...

I hear that people gathered outside that guy's radio offices today and, at the appointed time, released a number of human-shaped balloons filled with helium. That and the joke photos flooding the Internet of piles of abandoned clothing are all that there is to see. Of course.

About Ralph, I'm checking.

et said...

Well, Ralph allowed my post asking whether he was disappointed and requesting a campaign-launching statement. Nothing in response yet.

Ralph's place under moderation is nowhere near as much fun as his former digs were.

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