Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ypur? Is That Jewish?

Ridicule this movement at ypur own risk liberals. You have been warned.


et said...

Ooooh, I'm so scared! Are you scared, Count? At our own risk. Oh noes!

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed how no matter how small of a minority you are in you believe you are in the Majority.

The Teabaggers are a boil on the ass off life eventually they'll fester and pop yet they think they are changing the world. Whatever most of still love this country no matter how bad things have gotten.

et said...

Well, I guess when you're on a jihad - however Christian or Republican or whatever other flavour - you always think you have the moral high ground and are entitled to stomp on anyone else's point of view.

Now that the Dog Days of August have passed, I think the Teabaggers' season has passed right along with them. Nobody to whom anyone is listening is talking about "death panels" and "killing grandma" NOW - it's all in the realm of the policy wonks. Their concern is balancing their corporate campaign funding with the liability of blowback from their constituents if they don't follow through on what those constituents want.

Our job between now and that ultimate vote is to spell out, through whatever means we can, just how high a political price they will have to pay if they fail to enact what an overwhelming percentage of the voters want. If we can be vocal enough about that, the effort will succeed. After all...raising all the campaign cash in the world doesn't mean Jack if you aren't ultimately re-elected. The grassroots have a helluva lot of power - they just need to recognize and exercise it.

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