Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Guess I Would Be An Abusive Parent

Honestly I understand both sides and agree with quite a bit of what both sides of the Should you spank your child debate have to say BUT in the case of little Falcon Heene once the initial joy, happiness and relief of finding him unharmed wore off I would tan his hide. Social Science be damned. Am I a believer that Spanking is the answer in disciplining a child? In most cases absolutely not but in this case I wouldn't lose a moments sleep worrying I scared him for life. I know there is a great debate about this sort of thing and assuming this wasn't a publicity stunt. but If I were little Falcon's Father I would hug him tight say thank you that he is safe and then pull him off into another room and make sure sitting would not be real comfortable for him for about a week.

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