Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jeremiah on the "Hasty" Obama Agenda

This is your exclusive "Spot/Dissect the Logical Leaps" Edition!

Here's Jeremiah from his "special" site:
Just a quick thought on this to try and sort of answer the underlying strategy that some liberals have in trying to discredit the thoughts and feelings of Conservatives on why we think Obama is moving forward with his agenda with great speed.
Discredit your "thoughts and feelings," Jer? Ohh, how touchy-feely-squishy of you. That's almost gay by your standards, you know. Are you sure you want to play that my-feelings-are-hurt card? And, by the way, we're not trying to discredit you on your feelings...we are discrediting you on the facts.
Much of the reason for this, is that many liberals seem to think that Obama's agenda is "harmless," and they do this by attacking Conservatives by making excuses for why they think we feel the we do, and additionally because many Conservatives (such as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh) have exposed Obama and his agenda for the many dangers that he and his agenda pose to the country, and as history has proven in the past with communism, everything about his (Obama's) agenda (such as Cap-n-Trade, Universal Healthcare, etc, etc) and his administration gives us every reason to not just suspect, but to foresee as fact the great damage that his agenda and administration will do to this nation.
OK...let's go point by point.

Obama's agenda is harmless? Nooo...Obama's agenda is necessary, to bring this nation back to a point of middle-class equilibrium again, after years of pandering to the wealthy and powerful. I personally don't think he's doing enough in that regard, yet, but let's admit: he has eight years of systematic dismantlement and neglect to make up for.

"Excuses for why WE think JER feels the way HE does?" No, not excuses. It's called DERISION, Jeremiah. We know your point of view is nonsense, so we mock it. You make excuses for viewpoints you grant actual validity, and I can assure you most of us on the Frightful Left that you love so to demonize don't think you have a worthwhile viewpoint in any of your pockets.

Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh exposing Obama's terrifying agenda? Oh, Jer, don't make me makes it so hard to type.

Communism? Where and how, particularly, does that enter into the equation? I'd be fascinated to hear.

Cap-n-Trade? Oh, right...because GAWD gave humankind dominion over the earth, which less means that one should take care of it as responsible stewards and more that one should pillage it for all it's fricking worth, because Jesus would endorse that rape of the planet in his name. Riiiiight.

Universal Healthcare? Oh, nooooo, we can't have that. Health is only a right granted to GAWD's elect! If you fall ill without health insurance, it's because GAWD wants that for you. You are inherently less in GAWD's sight and therefore deserve the fate you get. Die quickly.

And, yes, of course, Jeremiah, it would be very damaging to the nation if the US finally took steps to curb the damage it is doing to the environment, and embraced the "I-am-my-brother's-keeper" notion that perhaps health care is more a right that should be extended to all than a privilege extended to the few who can afford it.

Defend that Point Of View. Go ahead. Here, on Count's blog. Bring it.
Of course, God is using this dangerous man and his administration to fulfill His great plan for our country.
Ah, so Obama's election is legitimate after all, with GAWD's endorsement. Thanks for that. Have you faxed the news to Orly Taitz yet? She seems to still maintain doubts, probably because she so enjoys the cable limelight.
So what is the truth as to why Obama wants to move forward with such speed on bills and appointments that nobody in his administration, including himself, have never taken the time to review and come to a consensus fair and balanced seeking not just the opinion of the party in power, but across the isle? Well, as many of you probably already know, Communism, much like a system of fascism deals primarily with a central-authority, in which a single party rules all, in this case, it would be Democrats, communism itself arising from atheistic principles, because in communism, the people in control ignore the overarching authority, the Creator, who rules all, everything. And that's why communism is so dangerous, because God has no part in the decisions that are being made, and He therefore looks with disdain upon the nation and brings forth swift judgment.
OK, Jer. Here's the thing. The Legislative branch crafts legislation, aka laws and resolutions. It's not the job of the Executive branch to do that, or to negotiate with the oppostion, or to weigh in on those resolutions until they reach that stage of the process. This is stuff wending its way through a little thing called the CONGRESS. The Executive can suggest and advocate and influence...but it can't dictate what the Legislative branch passes, or fails to pass. So you're attributing to Obama a dictatorial power that he does not possess. He can influence, but he cannot decide. That's the power of a Constitutional democracy.

You make no cogent argument for this "ignore the overarching authority, the Creator" and "God has no part" position you assume. If that were even remotely Constitutional - which it is not - you advance no evidence for your position that Obama's actions run counter to it...other than that YOU, it seems, disagree with them.

I wonder if his "swift judgment" that you point to might not be a welcome marginalization of you and yours and your narrow-minded point of view. And high time, too.

Oh. By the way. An "aisle" is what separates two sections of seating in an auditorium. An "isle" is what separates one land mass from another in an ocean. Get it right.


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I discredit Jerry's thoughts and feelings...he's nuts.

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