Sunday, October 4, 2009

Open Thread - Week 4 in the NFL

Feel free to discuss anything football.

Couple of good games today: Peyton & Joseph Addi dismantles the Seahawks D, 34-17; Eli beats KC 26-17, but injures his heel in the process; Pats upset Flacco and the Ravens 27-21.

Late Edit by Jonathan: I have been proudly watching Charger football going back to the era of Ryan Leaf and the 1-15 season. I've seen San Diego go from laughingstock to of of the most potential, and feared teams in the league within the course of a decade. I've watched some miraculous comebacks and truly great moments that made be proud to bleed blue and gold, but in all the years i've watched Charger football, I have never been this disgusted or ashamed of my beloved Bolts until tonight, which will be known to me as the Massacre at Heinz Field.

There was zero heart by the D-Line, the LB's, the secondary, the O-Line, and the running back (yes, I am sadly looking at you, Tomlinson). Even worse, had the defense bothered to show up in the second half, the Steelers would've experienced another choke-job in the 4th quarter and go 1-3. Rivers, the wide outs, the tight end, and the special teams did their part, but you can expect your QB to place the whole load on his shoulders, because he can only do so much.

And one more thing: A.J. Smith needs to be fucking fired by the end of the year. No excuses, no 'in his defense...' bullshit. If it wasn't for his inflated ego, Marty would still be the coach for San Diego, and we wouldn't be stuck with Turner (like and respect Norv, but he's not the man to take us where we need to be).

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Anonymous said...

Went to My nephews football game. He;s 7 and plays flag football. He got to play QB in the first half today. First pass her threw an interception. But his team won 13-6. I love their games they are a riot to watch.

Anonymous said...

Great game between Denver and Dallas.

Anonymous said...

The Steelers throwback uniforms are U-G-L-Y.

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