Saturday, October 3, 2009

Capitalism A Love Story

Ok I saw it My shitty review.

* Minor Spoilers

Very good of course no surprise there it's not as humorous as Michael Moore's previous a matter of fact it's actually quite depressing as any movie that tells the truth of Americas current state should be.

The film begins with an effective clip showing an old documentary about the fall of Rome and it shows the similarities to what is happening in America. It than goes on to give an honest assessment of the Reagan presidency and finally shreds the myth that the 80's were such a great decade. That alone get's it high marks in my eyes.

There was also a scene where the White House is burning down around George W. Bush as he is giving a scare speech about what would happen to America if we don't bail out the banks. I thought the scene was actually symbolic to what happen to America under Bush's watch.

There are the usual personal stories and Moore's gotcha journalism and a few dozen more mentions of Flint.

The film is largely absent of the humor of other Moore efforts. This is IMHO in many ways Moore's most depressing movie. In fact much of it succeeds in pissing you off more than anything. It seems odd that this movie would make you feel more sick about the state of America than sicko would yet it does.

I am not a believer in socialism or any "ism" in it's purest form. The film seems to call for a more socialistic stance than even I would agree with. For instance I do not believe we are "entitled" to a good job. I do however agree that like every other "ism" when taken to an extreme Capitalism is an inherent evil just as all "isms" are because ultimately they are ran by people and people are inherently evil especially when they are in the pursuit of power.

It's a good movie and an extremely important one. It's best quality is the fact that's it's perfect reminder of what the last 30 years in America have truly been about.

You won't laugh until it'll get angry, feel sick, laugh a little than feel sick and angry again. Not Moore's best but maybe his most valuable. **** 1/2.

And a Quick question that has nothing to do with the movie for ET:

Saw where you are getting the Winter Olympics in your neck of the woods next winter are you planning on taking in any of the festivities?

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et said...

Hey, Count. The Winter Olympic events are all going to be over on the mainland in Vancouver and the ski areas in Whistler. Unless there's some kind of school trip for ET Daughter we will probably take in the action from front-row seats in our living room. Navigating Vancouver is a zoo-like experience at the best of times, and it's hard to envision the impact an event like this will have on the city.

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