Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mr Personal Responsibility Defending His Favorite Drug Addict.

I love the link to "bigoted remarks". First, forget the fact that the first two remarks have already been proven to be false. Then, consider the source in most of these "facts" is a liberal publication, not even a direct link to where the quote was said. Finally, and I don't doubt that some of these things were said, but can you provide the entire transcript surrounding the quote?

For example, was the "NFL game is like a bloods vs. crips" quote followed up with a racial reference, or was Limbaugh merely commenting on the lack of civility in the game, comparing it too a gang fight. And if he was merely comparing it to a gang fight, what better way than to use the names off the two most "popular" gangs out there - names people would know. If he had said the NFL is sometimes like a fight between the Westies and the 14th St. Jacks, would we have made the point.

Look, if Limbaugh became part owner of this team, and you as a player didn't want to play for him, fine. If you as a fan didn't want to buy a ticket, fine. But can you honestly tell me that if a group of investors that included Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson would face such flack? Despite the fact that both men have, at times in their lives, said racially insensitive and controversial things. Of course not.

It's not about his politics? Yeah, right.

So know the left is SUPPORTING private membership and discrimination? Huh?

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