Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rush Limbaugh A Man So Large He Is A Sex All To Himself.

For those of you not familliar with Twitter there is a group of little yellow bus riders on Twitter known as #tcot. Top Conservative Users On Twitter. One of my all time favorite members of Twitter is the perpetual loser Ron Dickerhoof Jr. Yes that is his real name. Ronny once posted a picture of himself on the internet after he pissed his pants...

Now Ron is backing Rush Limbaugh's failed attempt at buying the Saint Louis Rams. This is Ron's Twitter avatar.
Now I couldn't let the chance to needle Mr. Dickerhoof a little bit about backing another loser so I sent him a message...

CountIstvan @rdickerhoof Aww no Rams for Rush. Looks like Ron Dickerhoof is a loser again. Oh well he's used to it. #tcot. #ocra

rdickerhoof @CountIstvan Classy libs are classy. Do you kiss Obama's posterior with that mouth? #ocra #tcot

CountIstvan @rdickerhoof Let's see you are the one promoting a drug addict. Do you blow Pete F (Fleckenstein) with that mouth? of course you do. #tcot. #ocra.

CountIstvan I love it when Conservatives who champion drug pushers who go on sex trips to the Dominican lecture me on class. #tcot #ocra.

rdickerhoof @CountIstvan I blew all kinds of things with this nose. The drug troll won't work on me, CountmeOut. #ocra #tcot


rdickerhoof @CountIstvan I wonder if Rush will buy MSNBC w/the settlement money...there's a team in need of help. #ocra #tcot

rdickerhoof @CountIstvan I love that you simply can't contain your sexism. Makes my job easier. #ocra #tcot

Now this is a first. Because I called out his Boy Rush I am now sexist! I knew Rush was a large man I didn't know he was a sex all to himself.

CountIstvan @rdickerhoof Sexism? where? Rush is a sex now?

rdickerhoof @CountIstvan Oh, I almost forgot. The homophobia got you blocked. Very chic. #ocra #tcot #gay #lgbt #logcabin

Oh Noes I have been blocked from #tcot again! Whatever shall I do?


et said...

I'm well prepared to concede that Limbaugh has not only his own sex (ewww!) but also his own area code and possibly his own species.

Anonymous said...

Wonder why libs hate Rush so much? Is is that he exposes most of you as complete A Holes?

Anonymous said...

Why do you love Rush so much? Is it the fact that he is a drug abuser who goes to The Dominican to pick up little boys?

et said...

All that El Rushbo exposes are his own bigotry, ignorance and hyperbole, every single time he opens his enormous, incendiary mouth.

Anyone who wants to be called a genuine conservative should view him as an embarrassment. He's a demagogue who loves to gin up controversy and magnify imaginary slights to himself into political movements.

Follow him if you will, Anon, but the rest of us know that you're following a bloated gasbag with a bankrupt agenda.

Anonymous said...

Why do you suppose ET that so many conservatives mistake scorn, laughter and ridicule as fear? They believe we are "scared" or "fear" their "thinkers" when in fact we are laughing our asses of at them.

Anonymous said...

off even :)

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