Thursday, October 29, 2009

An apple and an orange? Apparently, they're the same thing!

It's been a few weeks since I've done any sort of post detailing the mental asylum that is Blogs for, and I think, what the hell, Mark Noonan and his brain-dead, lockstep right-wing loonies can't be any nuttier. That was until I read this new post about how Al-Qaeda, the most well-know terrorist group in the world, and environmentalists are one in the same. Yes, you read that right. Mark Noonan has just comapred the apple (in this case, Al-Qaeda) to the orange (enviornmentalists) and stated they're the same damn thing!

Birds of a feather?

Well, not exactly - but when your ideology is anti-human, you’re bound to find areas of agreement with the other anti-humans out there. The problem stems from believing a pack of lies. Osama believes a pack of lies. Environmentalists believe a pack of lies. Some times, the packs of lies overlap. This should get environmentalists to think, but it probably won’t…in fact, if we did get Osama’s head up on a pike, the left would resurrect his legend as that of a working class fighter for minorities and the environment (hey, if they can turn a cop killer like Mumia in to a commencement speaker, then nothing is beyond them…or beneath them).

Better, though, for people to seek Truth - its easily available. All you have to do is ask for it. Knock on the door, as it were.

This is too stupid to even respond to.


Anonymous said...

So Noonan sees "conversationalists" as terrorist what a fine "Conservative" he is

Anonymous said...

Is Jonathan black? If so we must disregard most of his comments since he has been at a general disadvantage as a minority.

Anonymous said...

I am keeping that up just for the stupidity of it.

et said...

WTF, Anonymous? Jonathan's observations are head and shoulders over your own paltry, bankrupt commentary.

If you ask me, the disadvantage is yours, in terms of congenital idiocy rather than anything determined racially.

You pathetic buffoon.

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