Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A City So Cursed It Makes Buffalo Feel Better About Itself

The Count is NOT a baseball fan but he peaked in on the 19 inning 7 and half hour one game play off between the Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers off and on all night and the last time he saw the MInnesota Twins celebrating the fact they get to go get swept by the Yankees and was not surprised at all. The Detroit Tigers lead their division the entire year and because they are Detroit they folded down the stretch so now they had a one game playoff to have one brief moment of glory for a city that has had none to speak of since 2005. Surely Detroit could give their people one night to cheer their city one night to be proud...Of course not.

I actually feel sorry for Detroit. Oh by the way...Baseball sucks.


RALPH said...

...Baseball sucks....



HATE!!!! HATE!!!! HATE!!!

Anonymous said...

Football is America's past time Skippy.

Anonymous said...

Actually this was not Ralph. This was somebody so low they felt the need to be Ralph. Sad.

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