Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week 9 in the NFL: Manning v. Brady

Screw all the games playing today, because there's really only one that matters: undefeated Indy goes up against New England in another chapter between two of football's elite teams. Who will come out on top?

Feel free to discuss any games and the Monday night debacle that will commence in Cleveland against the Ravens.

Early thoughts as of 10:51

I'm flipping back and forth between NO/STL and DEN/WSH and here are a few thoughts:

* Kyle Orton CAN throw the ball down the field. Who knew?

* Redskins had me fooled. After that first possession drive that tied the game up, I thought the Skins just might give the Donkeys a game. One TD and two overthrow passes from Jason Campbell later, its 14-7 Denver. Imagine my surprise.

* Reggie Bush rushes for the Saints first touchdown. Glad to know that Mr. Kardashian is still of some use.

* Going back to the Fox NFL Pregame show, I just had a revelation: Frank Callendo just isn't all that funny. That Dr. Phil bit? Frank - what were you thinking??

Half-time thoughts:

* Our Play of the Day: 4th and 20. Redskins Punter Hunter Smith just made his case to be the new QB for Washington. Smith comes out to attempt a 53 yard field goal, then at the last second to line up in punt formation, only to then throw a 53-yard strike to tie the game at 14-14. Nice one, Zorn.

* Steelers lead the Bengals 9-6, but Troy Polamalu suffers another injury - this time to his leg.

* Speaking of injuries, Kyle Orton came off limping off that 3rd and goal play. Hate the Donkeys, but I hope that's not a serious injury to this guy. Wouldn't wish that on any good QB.

* Chargers safety Eric Weddle gets fined $7,500 for his helmet-to-helmet hit on Sunday against the Giants. I call bullshit. That was old-fashioned defense, plain and simple.

Edit From The Count: Orton Injured Broncos Lose. I am sure that bothers you Jonathan.

Late Edit: Two rushing TD for Tomlinson. 21-6 Chargers. Welcome back, LT.

Late edit: Bill Belichick ... what the fuck were you thinking, going for it on 4th and 2!?

Late Edit From The Count: what Jonathan said.

Well look who was actually calling the plays...


Anonymous said...

The Vikings with Jesus Christ at QB struggling to beat the sorry assed Lions.

Anonymous said...

In the press conference Belichick kept saying I thought we could pick up a yard on that play...yeah you did pick up a yard dumbass you needed 2.

Jonathan said...

Ms. Wasilla called that play? Well, now that makes perfect sense.

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