Sunday, November 15, 2009

Really, Mark?

Despite my feelings towards Sarah Palin, I will admit one thing: for a 44 year-old mother, former Governor of Alaska, and vice presidential candidate for the McCain campaign, she is one attractive woman for her age. Mark Noonan, therefore, must brag and boast on how Mrs. Palin is fare more attractive than anyone us liberals have.

She’s also much, much better looking than any liberal chick you’ve got…so, there.

I didn't know this was a contest, but i'll play along. I'll see your Sarah Palin, and raise you these two.

Game. Set. Match.


Anonymous said...

Noonan will make such a fine senatorial candidate what with tongue up Sarah's ass.

I have discovered many Conservatives are sexually repressed.

Anonymous said...

I think Ranger beats him out for dumb quotes with his aids comment further down this blog Jonathan.

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