Tuesday, November 3, 2009

GOP Beats Baylor By 10.

The GOP are winners. They won 2 gubernatorial races. They also have apparently lost a house seat they haven't lost in over a 100 years because of Their Queen Sarah Palin.

So yeah it was a good night for the Republican party but it wasn't a great one or even a very big one. I am reminded this weekend after seeing Nebraska lose two weeks in a row I was thrilled when they beat Baylor, the worst program in the Big XII, even though they looked like shit doing so. I suspect that is how to the GOP feels. It's been so long since they have had a winner they'll take any wins they can get no matter how insignificant.

Looking at the headlines from the mainstream media outlets their overreaction is far from surprising. They are running such howling headlines as
"Huge night for the GOP" and "America To Obama Drop Dead"

How about this headline. it's more accurate and tells the truth. GOP beats Baylor By 10.

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