Monday, November 16, 2009

I Got New Glasses Tonight

Anybody who wears Glasses has gone through what I am about to describe but it makes it no less "disheartening" About the time I was 27 or so I knew my eyes were failing and soon I would be in need of glasses. The final straw came shortly after my 28th birthday when I could no longer make out the board at Sizzlers. So in 2002 I got glasses. Then I got a new pair and my eyes had gotten MUCH worse. Then I got a new pair again and again my eyes had gotten worse. At this point with out my glasses I can read an little else. I mean if it's more than a few feet away it's a blur. I thought my eyes had stabilized and my new glasses this time wouldn't be much different than the last pair...Then I went in for the test. The Dr. Says this is your old prescription and I looked and he said this is your new one... I looked and said to myself Oh fuck! At what point will I be officially blind? it's soon I imagine.

BTW the Contessa who is the opposite of me and needs Glasses to read and little else says..."your glasses are getting thicker aren't they?" That made me feel better.


Anonymous said...

The Ranger can not read. I got a new pair of glasses (boy could the Ranger use a pair of something) I have had glasses since 2002. Thanks for playing though.

Anonymous said...

Hey Count,

My eyesight was getting worse, and my glasses were getting thicker. But I found a wonderful doctor who got me into soft contact lenses, and my eyesight actually improved a little and has stabilized.

Just an FYI.


Anonymous said...

Yeah On the form I say no contacts. Those things scare me. They just look to uncomfortable.

Jonathan said...

I've been wearing glasses for three years now. When going to the local DMV for my learner's permit, I could barely make out the eye chart, so the they told me in order to drive a car, I had to have glasses of contacts. And I agree with the Count: contacts look too painful to use. Downside with glasses is that later on they'll be very dependent on using them.

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