Thursday, November 5, 2009

Early2It Praises Mass Murders.

When it comes to politics I do not know what Early2it is but from his posts and his videos I can tell you he's a moron. Maybe he cracked himself up after praising suspect mass murders like he does on his nonsensical videos. Early sees the Military as murders and as such villains. Fine but why are some murderers villains and others to be praised?

Finally someone with the courage of his conviction in the millatary..

To bad they killed him..

I'm going to try and write the two they are holding and say thank you for standing up against these people.

Posted by: early2it on Thu 11.5 5:37pm


Anonymous said...

what an asshole

Anonymous said...

From CBS News Twitter Page

CBS has learned Ft. Hood shooter Maj. Hasan was licensed psychiatrist from Maryland

et said...

early2it is just fucked up. He has been from day one. It's time we all quit laughing at him and just owned up to it.

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