Thursday, February 12, 2009

People Are Idiots

Spring Game Tickets Going for High Prices on the Internet

Athletic department stresses many tickets still remain

by Samuel McKewon

February 11, 2009

A quick glance at StubHub, an online ticket outlet for sporting and entertainment events, displays tickets for the Daytona 500, Britney Spears concerts and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Another, perhaps surprising entry: Tickets to Nebraska’s Red/White Spring Game on April 19. Some for as many as $253 around the 50-yard line. That’s a $243 markup from the $10 price that NU set for any seat inside Memorial Stadium. But most of the 279 tickets being sold on StubHub, and many of the tickets found on other sites, are located on the sidelines.

Partially because tickets were available online – and tickets were assigned to seats for the first time - more than 52,000 tickets were sold in the first two or three days after they went on sale Feb. 4. Instead of fans arriving on game day and rushing to the best seats, the earliest in line on the day of sale got the benefit of the finest, closest sight lines.

The NU Athletic Department reiterated Wednesday that 18,700 tickets remain for the game. But some of the best seats are now for sale on Internet because purchasers were able to buy blocks of tickets – 20 at a time online, and 100 per group for sideline seats.

Um It's the spring game. A scrimmage Nebraska is playing themselves. Tickets are $10 and that's what I paid for mine. Why would anybody pay $250 to see a scrimmage?

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