Saturday, February 14, 2009

Educating Liberals Get's Educated

I saw the O'Reilly piece this morning when it was rebroadcast. It was not a hit piece on the region the way it is presented here. I really must laugh at the pseudo-intellectuals who equate FOX viewers with residents of Appalachia. I would be willing to bet that 80% of the people interviewed in that segment consider themselves Democrats. The "Party of the Working Man" nonsense still holds some sway with the uninformed.

MJ a Newshounds regular knocks this clown out of the park.

"Not a hit piece on the region . . ."

So - I guess comments like " . . . They have to wise up and they have to see that there's a culture of poverty there, a culture of ignorance there . . ." are just compliments, right?

"I would be willing to bet . . ."

McCain beat Obama

• 56% to 43% in WV
• 57% to 41% in KY
• 57% to 42% in TN

You may want to bet on something safer instead - like TV Poker.

"The 'Party of the Working Man' nonsense still holds some sway with the uninformed."

Just as the "Party of Personal Responsibility" nonsense held sway with the uninformed - at least until 2006 and 2008.

If this is your attempt at "educating liberals," I suggest you go back and get more instruction - and an education of your own . . .

And to answer Claudo

If Orally has written off Apalachia (the "heartland" of republicanism) what's left. Lessee, he hates the West Coast (too liberal, too gay, too Hollywood (too Jewish, Bill?) too Democratic) New England is definitely on the black list (too liberal, too gay, too Democratic). New York - maybe upstate is OK but the Big Apple is definitely not (see categories for West Coast). Bill lives in a Long Island mini mansion in a Democratic House district so he must be very uncomfortable there. (yeah, right) Wisconsin, according to Bill, is a hotbed of Satanism and too liberal. Minnesota is the home of Al Franken. Colorado is definitely too liberal. What's left?

Nebraska, Though not district 2, Oklahoma, Utah, Idaho, Kansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Texas, and the south minus Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. Bottom line you can't win a national election with just these states.


claudo said...

Count, Hound Watcher is back on Dollar's site as "Blackfon." He is constantly whining about how he's not allowed on News Hounds. Course that could be because he's such an insulting ass-hole; but details, details. Last Sunday there was an amazing discussion, on Dollar's site, about Ellen's "Mariana" thread (T&A "etomologist" on "The Factor") Dollar rebutted Ellen's premise with quotes from Mariana's fans. (Yeah, that's proof of something...) But the discussion was the usual circle jerk among Dollar's four fans (including the clinically disturbed Olby Sucks). Blackfon made a comment about Mariana's "fun bags" (See my last comment on the "Cecelia - giant sucking sound" Forum thread. Houndie is such a perv. Are you able to go into your golden vault and access his comment about watching the high school girls in their scanty clothes - while he was a high school teacher?

Anonymous said...

you got it :)

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