Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For Claudo

Houndwatcher is a pedophile

"Well, well. The Hounds are aghast at some pictures that children might see. Have any of you been to a middle or high school lately and seen all the cleavage hanging out?
Hound Watcher | 02.21.08 - 5:43 pm | # "

He's not helping himself

It's called teaching. I'm just trying to help the little devils get the leftist propaganda out of their mush for brains.

Ever hear of substitute teaching? You really don't have both oars in the water.


theroachman said...

Where was I for this? Do you have my quotes from that funny stuff?

Anonymous said...

I think you posted these on the off topic troll quotes thread an I was just giving you credit for that:)

godzilla104 said...

Well, there you have it. Conclusive proof that Houndwatcher is one sick, pathetic, tragic bastard.

claudo said...

Muchas Gracias, Amigo!

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