Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Open Mouth Insert Foot.

Captain America who thought a cartoon advocated shooting the President was fine because he has a sense of humor has found something that really bothers him...

Keith Olbermann is such a fucking asshole.

Watching MSNBC as Gov Jindal was coming out to give the Republican response to Obama address.

Apparently Olbermann didn't realize (once again) that he had an open mic and as soon as Jindal turned the corner Olbermann is heard saying ...

"Good god" in a disgust tone.
"You can’t see love, hope, or Faith but they are the most important things and we all know they are real."


Posted by: Captain America on Tue 2.24 10:29pm

Yeah too bad Mike it Was Matthews and not Olbermann.

I got the person and quote wrong.


Posted by: Captain America on Wed 2.25 9:19pm

For a Republican that's par for the course.

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godzilla104 said...

"Captain America"

More like "General Fuckup".

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