Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscars Thread

I'll be posting the winners on and make general comments on how I think the show is going. The Count is welcome to join me if it is his wish.

The Count: This is your Baby Jonathan. :) I will say I think this has been a better year for movies than most.

Update: Slumdog is sweeping up Awards: Adapted Screenplay, Cinematography, Film Editing, and Sound Mixing (I think I have that right).

Penelope won for Vicky Cristina Barcelona (well deserved) and Heath Ledger won for The Dark Knight, with his family accepting the award in his honor.

Benjamin Button won for Visual Effects, Makeup and Art Direction, as expected.

So far, so familiar......but wait! Suprise: Hugh Jackman is really good as host! And for next year, either have Steven Colbert or Will Smith due hosting duties.

Update 8:08 - Jerry Lewis win an Honary Oscar, while Slumdog continues it's hot streak, winning Best Original Song (Jai Ho) and Orginal Score, both won by composer A.R. Rahman (That's a total of 6 Academy Awards won so far)

Now comes the In Memorian, the the biggies: Actor, Actress, Director and Picture.

Update 8:25 - Make that 7 Oscars won for Slumdog. Danny Boyle won Best Director.

Update 9:01 - Kate finally wins one.

Shock: Penn beats Rourke for Actor!

And Slumdog wins Best Picture, making that a total of 8 Academy Awards won.


Anonymous said...

How was the show Jonathan or anybody else? I turned it on for a few minutes towards the end and saw Penn's speech but that's all I saw.

Jonathan said...

For the most part, predictable, but entertaining.

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