Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Noonan: Beware of the Obama Cult!

New Rule: when you've been blindly defending a criminal admnistration for the last eight years, you have no right to bitch and complain about the cult the new president has building around him.

My concern is that it has, at least for some, gone way beyond that. I never thought I’d see such miserable slaves in my life as I see in some of the people who nearly worship Obama....

I urge the Obamaniacs, Catholic or not, to attend Mass today…you really need to get a grip on the reality of the situation.

Also, if you spread hate, prejudice and intolerance around like a hooker spreads around the Clap, and claim to praise and woreship the Son of God, then do Jesus a favor and stop preaching hate in His name. Jesus didn't tell his Followers on the Sermond on the Mount to go forth and spread hatred becasue of x,y and z reasons.

1. fmrmarine | February 25th, 2009 at 9:52 am

He fits the bill,
has african/middle east heritage, muslem upbringing, faux Christian.
Came out of nowhere, having accomplished nothing, people sloveningly worship at his feet ( worldwide).
Speaks of peace, and has marxist belief’s. Some claim he is BI sexual….(spirit of the age).

food for thought!

Even if Obama did practice under the Religion of Islam or was bi (neither are true), the real question would be: so what? Is it not possible to be a switch-hitting, Islamic man and still be a good Commander-in-Cheif? When did we have these unwritten rules saying you had to be a straight, God-fearing Christian man in order to run for the Office of the Presidency?


Anonymous said...

Never been a marine is one sick sombitch.

Anonymous said...

Who are these some of claim he is Bi? Ralph?

godzilla104 said...

Count Istvan said...
Who are these some of claim he is Bi? Ralph?

February 25, 2009 5:01 PM

Nah, Ralph is too fixated with Hillary wearing a strap on for him to speculate about anybody else's sexuality.

Yeah, that Ralph is one good little christian...

et said...

And, in yet another Cognitive Dissonance Moment, a mayor in California sends out an e-mail postcard showing the White House lawn festooned not with Easter eggs but with watermelon, and then claims shock and astonishment that there is any possible racial stereotype in such an image.

And his denial begs the question...if this mayor didn't "get" the racial stereotype to begin with...then what exactly did he think was OH-so-funny about a White House lawn covered with watermelons? How is that inherently amusing? Some kind of obscure agricultural reference that he alone finds humorous?

One of the good things about this new WH Administration and the sea change it is engendering in portions of the media, seriously? Is that B.S. like this is increasingly called for what it is. Look at the response even from Faux News to last night's lame Jindal GOP "response" to Obama's address. Nobody even remotely this side of Limbaugh was ready to cheerlead that effort, and that in itself is Change you can Believe In!

It is once again, largely, OK to call out as lame that which really is lame.

This is good.

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