Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh For Fuck's Sake Not Only Is There A "Blat" But That Picture Is Really Him.

I must admit I was not familiar with "Blat". I came too late to the Newshounds Party to ever enjoy his presence all I knew of him was the great work of ET and Kim ( and others) that I had read on the troll blog. (I want some of those discount pins by the way) But I was reading the new off topic Wiki (hope that wasn't a secret) and it seems that not only is "blat" real but he's an actual productive? member of society. His name is Brian Lathe and amazingly the pictures on the troll blog are actually him. I thought for sure that ET and the gang tried to find a picture of the dumbest idiot they could find and call him "blat" but no that's really him.

Brian lathe's face book picture.

It seems Brian is quite the internet star. He has his own Town Hall blog in addition to his own blog. He's got some feud going with these folks...more here he seems like a real sweetheart!

Mr. Robert Burtis:

You, are an IDIOT, an IMBECILE, and not worthy of breathing Minnesota air.

With an ego the size of yours, I don't know how you manage to walk through doorways.

It is obvious that you are a LIBERAL and live in a dream world.

One last thought: LIARS BURN IN HELL (source: Bible)

Brian Lathe

But wait there's more!

Here's his business blog his public profile his twitter page another blog it seems at one point he was a vitamin salesmen ...

Eniva offers an excellent liquid Vitamin B complex including
B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, Biotin and Inositol. Only Eniva
Managers can receive the 20% discount. Please ask
me how you can receive the Manager discount price!

Ebay customers pay no shipping on monthly special item
purchases (while supplies last)!
Visit Brian's Ebay Store

Preferred Customer Price:  $23.95

Regular Manager Price: $17.95

February Manager Special: $14.35
posted by Brian | 1:39 PM

I am sure there is plenty more.

He uses this picture on all of his sites. I still can't believe that is actually his picture. It's so easy when the jokes write themselves.


et said...

Oh, yessssss. Blat is for real. He is so real that we now have 3-4 pictures of his online persona to gleefully Photoshop to kingdom come. He is so real that we have captured evidence of his latest gig...delivering pizza!

I will not deny that had Blat not existed, it might have been necessary to invent him; but fortunately enough that was not what came to pass. HE came to US!!

Yours Blatfully,

RalphyFan said...

Blat in the movies.

Blat in magazines.

Blat in pop culture.

At any point in any slideshow, click on an image to view it in static form.

Oh, for the glory days of the "Land O'Blat" thread!!

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