Saturday, February 4, 2012

The View From My Ass

Man it's been awhile has it not? How's tricks? I have stayed out of the Susan G. Koman fiasco for the most part for one simple reason. in a battle between 2 organizations whose primary purpose is women's health I just don't particularly feel as if it is my battle to fight. Although I will say this. A look at the Koman Facebook page shows that supporters of the organization, which right now are are far fewer than detractors, have names like Michael, Charles, James and William. Now I do not doubt that many of these men who suddenly stand behind Susan G. Koman 100% have an interest in women's breast but somehow I doubt that many of them care about cancer.

My only real "take" on the Koman fiasco was this. You are an organization whose primary goal is women's health. Why in the world would you alienate another organization that has the same primary concern not to mention millions of women? And to pacify a fanatical religious fringe group that is made up overwhelmingly of men. To me the decision seems maddeningly ignorant and so completely ill thought out. Did they put any thought into the decision at all? Did they think women wouldn't care? Honestly there are people at Komen who haven't a clue of how to run an organization if they thought this was a wise idea. And if that organization wants to at least try and get it's name back they should take a good long hard look at themselves and then do some house cleaning. (No don't go PC on me you know what I mean)

A word of advice to Aria. Aria you are a dear friend and I was wondering how to tell you this: Don't take a fight started on the internet off of the internet. To battle with morons like Sewell, and Peters on the net is one thing and one thing that is probably not worth a lot of effort. But don't get into with them on a personal level with emails to friends and that shit. I say this for 2 reasons. 1. I like you a lot. 2. These clowns might be dangerous. They are certainly unstable. I've had to deal with internet stalkers myself. I know how dangerous they can be. To start tracking down their friends and exchanging emails and whatever else is a losing battle. At the end of the day Sewell got what he wanted. Some publicity for his 93 blogs. I'm sure I'll write about him and others of his ilk here and other places many more times in the future. But I haven't got time for exchanging Emails and getting into personal wars with crazed jerkoffs and their sycophants. And I think you should also save yourself the hassle by not taking these battles off the net.

I know that Bias is in the eye of the beholder but tonight for the nationally televised Boston Celtics-NY Knicks game on ESPN the announcers were Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy. Now this is suppose to be an unbiased sports broadcast on ESPN. Breen is a Knicks play by play man Van Gundy a former Knicks coach. In other words the broadcast was as unbiased as your typical ESPN Duke Basketball broadcast with Dick (Duke) Vitale and Mike Patrick calling the game.

Sunday is the big day Man's official holiday The Super Bowl. The biggest football game of the year that amazingly is packaged and sold to people whom for the most part hate football. There will be the usual 30 hour pregame show. Randall Terry wanted to run an ad with dead fetuses. I say let him if you let Planned Parenthood also run adds. CBS for the record said no to dead fetus adds. I guess we'll have to struggle through with the other dumbass ads we'll be bombarded with. For the record the Count mutes the ads anyway. He's also rooting for the NY Giants. Although he picks the Patriots. The law of averages would suggest we're in for a dud of a game. We've had 5 pretty good games in a row and the last 4 have all been great. Really even before this latest stretch many of the games have been competitive and enjoyable. Certainly the old myth about the Super Bowl being a lot of hype and a lousy game is no longer true. I will say this maybe if I were in Romney's real or Ranger Bob's imaginary income bracket I would feel differently. But I could not justify paying $1000 a piece face value for a football ticket. I had a hard enough time justifying $175 a piece for Nebraska-Wyoming $137 a piece for Nebraska-Minnesota.

Another prediction for the game. Kelly Clarkson will deliver a serviceable if  unmemorable national anthem. I don't think it will be great for sure but I doubt it will be Steven Tyler, Christina Agulara bad either. it will be just another of a million rendition of a song that in all honesty is really a pretty bad piece of material. That will get me in trouble. The Plan Sunday is to get up watch the Nebraska-Minnesota basketball game settle in Watch some football, eat some Pizza , should the snow stop in time and the pizza man can either get here or we can get there, And watch some more football. Oh and find something else to do that 20 minutes while Madonna is on. Madonna the safe uncontroversial choice. What has the world come to?

Count Istvan

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