Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nebraska Vs Northwestern Real Time Thoughts.

Grrr my computer is acting like a real Sewell tonight. Finally here.

Northwestern's arena does look like a large High School gym.

9-8 Northwestern 15 Minutes in. Northwestern has hit 3 3pt baskets 

All Northwestern does is shoot 3's. We have to not get into a 3 contest with them.

There you go get and run. 13-12 Nebraska.

Come on guys you're wearing red jerseys. Throw the ball to the guys in the red jerseys.
14-13 Northwestern.

21-19 Nebraska and they had the ball on a break but Spencer  double dribbled.

Crap Northwestern is like the greatest 3 pt team of all time.

and a turnover Northwestern up 3.

There you go Jorge! let's get that ball in deep.

Oh for fuck sake guys guard the perimeter.27-23 Northwestern.

30-23 Northwestern. You wouldn't think Northwestern would be that tough to defend all they do is shoot 3's. 

All they fucking do is shoot 3's. how tough is that to defend? Apparently real tough judging by Nebraska's defense. 36-25 Northwestern.

UH OH! Last Thursday Yoga Frog caps posted a Ilia Calderon cap set where she was wearing red and Nebraska won. Tonight he posts one of her wearing purple and we are playing Northwestern who wears purple and we are down 38-26. I won't blame him though if this thing don't change. He's not the one leaving guys wide open to shoot 3's.

Sweet! Nebraska fouls a man with 2 tenths of a second left shooting a 3! That's winning basketball. 41-26 Northwestern at halftime.

The only good news is if Nebraska can figure out all Northwestern does is shoot 3's and actually start to defend the perimeter maybe Northwestern can shoot Nebraska back into this game.

Nebraska Vs Minnesota in Lincoln Sunday. $5 Tickets for upper seats. $5 for chair backs for season ticket owners. Special prices on concessions. I wonder what is going on on Sunday that makes them so worried about getting a crowd. Between Super Bowl XLVI (though the game will end early enough for people even in Omaha to be home in time) and the forecasted blizzard this weekend there should be oh 30 people at that game.

Spud keeps staring at me ha he knows I am less than pleased.

Sometimes Bo Spenser is really good sometimes he not. So far tonight...he is not.

That was pretty ticky tac. Not gonna complain about officials. Nope not gonna do it.

Northwestern finally starting to miss 3's?

Nebraska down 42-33 and Bo Spencer has 2 free throws. He got them both 7 point run by Nebraska 42-35 Northwestern.

Uh remember what I said about Bo Spencer a minute a go? Bo hit's a 3 and the lead is down to 4.

Like I said earlier this is good Spencer tonight.

God Damn turnovers.

How can a guy not miss a 3 and not make a free throw?

Turnovers killing us.

Richardson hit's a 3. 52-49 Northwestern 11:19 left. At first they wouldn't call anything now they are calling everything.

Northwestern getting nervous? Never-mind they just hit a 3.

Grrr Northwestern gets the basket and the foul. 60-53 Northwestern.

Back up to 10 that fast. Just a second a go Northwestern looked like they were folding.

Not looking good . 73-61 Northwestern less than 5 minutes left.

There we go Bo Spencer a basket and the foul 73-66 Northwestern 3:03 left.

And a bad foul on Nebraska.

Dylan Talley hits a 3. then Nebraska get's a turnover and Bo Spencer hit's a 3. 75-72 Northwestern 1:34 left.

And McCray misses a huge 1 and 1 77-72 Northwestern

Why did we just foul there?

84-74 Northwestern final. played well in the second half but you can't wait until halftime to start playing. game was pretty close in the second half. Late Nebraska fouls made the score more lopsided than it was for much of the second half.

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