Thursday, February 2, 2012

Question for the Count

Exactly, what the hell is this fight all about on Newshounds and who the hell is Sewell?

Count's Answer: On a Newshounds birther thread a birther named Sam Sewell showed up and began his introduction to the group by patting himself on the ass bragging about being a member of Mensa, a navy officer, a reverand, a worker with gifted children. What rubbed many of us the wrong way was not so much that he was a another crack pot birther but that he insisted on telling us with every post how smart he was while of course misspelling words like big and tried and talking down to other members of Newshounds.

You can find some of his early work here on BAD below as I copied it. He's been posting for at least 48 hours straight so to copy all of his posts would take up 6 pages. A quick search of credentials on the net found  most of his claims to be dubious at best. Bottom line he's a bogus reverend at a church where they sit around drink coffee, and sing Kumbaya and he get's to claim the tax deduction. He is also a peddler of a snake oil which he claims if you follow his plan you'll never have to see a Doctor again.

His trolling style is eerily similar to one Bob Peters even down to the fake threats, embellishments of his life accomplishments, his threats of law suits, and the fact he is originally from Iowa. However a search of Sam Sewell shows he is a totally separate moron from that moron Bob Peters.

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Aria said...

His so-called assistant Scott Anderson (who's head of the program, despite answering to a volunteer) has begun harassing me- along with two of Sewell's other friends.

The first Email Anderson sent me was a reply to my Email, which arrived at 11:15 AM yesterday. This is relevant because it arrived 15 minutes after Sewell posted it verbatim, claiming I never got it. Sewell admitted that he contacted Anderson by phone and coached him on what to say on the thread, and in an Email to me.

Between the harassment and some of the stories I've caught Sewell on, I'm debating on whether or not to Email the MENSA National Office to request a competency hearing for him. No way someone like this isn't doing that to the children he's vetting.

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