Monday, February 20, 2012

Thoughts On Clinton Documentary

1. Bill Clinton could sell ice to Fairbanks Alaska
2. We (Democrats) treated Hillary Clinton horribly in the last Presidential election.
3. Clinton got in trouble early in his Presidency for the same reasons Barack Obama has kowtowing to people who wouldn't work with him no matter what.
4. Brit Hume has always been a douchebag.
5. George Bush Sr. Was a lousy debate
6. NAFTA and Dick Morris will forever keep  a good presidency from being great.
7. The Clinton's failed on Health care but paved the way for Barack Obama to finally do something about it.

8. Watching this I find myself becoming more and more a fan of Hillary Clinton.

9. Idiots chanting socialized medicine makes me sick are now 70 year old teabaggers living off socialized medicine .
10. Trent Lott and Newt Gingrich are douche-bags
11. 1994 proves that Americans can truly be fucking morons. 


Count Istvan said...

I refuse to call anything I remember history.

et said...

I prefer the phrase "anecdotal evidence"...

Yakki.PsD said...

Well,you know.....

Those same teat-tards who back then decried socialized medicine..they only said that because it wasn't their ox being gored. Now that htey got a cow in in the slaughter chute,it's a big issue for them.

It all goes back to hubris and self-center.The only thing those people consider is themself,and in a society that actually made people have close contact they'd be the weakest link and become an island sacrifice.

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