Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 6 Open Thread.

Feel free to make comments about the games you're watching on TV. Some Early cpmments:

 * Statistically, I knew the Eagles D was terrible, but to watch them play? Good lord. But the story here is Michael Vick and his three INT's in the first half alone.

* Penalties, penalties, and more penalties for the Raiders. Houston looks very impressive, Owens Daniel and that improved D in particular. Janikowski is a beast of a Kicker.

* Vikings are up 28-3 going into the half. How will they screw this one up?

Late Edit: Norv Turner really pissed me off. Sure, we beat the Denver Broncos, but that shouldn't have been close, especially when we were up 26-10. Chargers have to punch the ball in the endzone when it's 1st and Goal, and I blame the team's inability to do so squarely on Turner.

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Anonymous said...

I may have been more impressed with Green bay tonight after their 25-14 win over Atlanta. Not because they played especially well they didn't. At least not compared to the way they have been playing. But to go on the road against a good opponent and play your B game and still will pretty comfortably was quite impressive.

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