Saturday, October 22, 2011



This should SHOULD be a fairly easy victory for Nebraska. Minnesota is either the second worst or worst team in the conference. They had a spirited showing to start the season  against USC but after a combination of Injuries, a lack of depth and talent and the health of new coach Jerry Kill have taken there toll. Minnesota has lost to North Dakota State and New Mexico State and were blown out by Purdue. Michigan beat the Gophers 58-0. The fact that game is in Minneapolis shouldn't be a factor. The stadium is likely to be 30 to 60% Nebraska fans. The Count himself is leaving in the wee small hours to attend the game  Be back Sunday.

Minnesota does have 1 thing going for them. Quarterback Marquis Grey returns from injuries and he is the kind of mobile QB that gives Nebraska fits. I do think he'll be able to lead his team to some points but not near enough.

One thing I am VERY happy about. The weather up in Minneapolis can start to get a bit nippy this time of year. They are talking a high of near 60 with sunshine and little wind. Really that is as good of weather as you can ask for.

No comments on this thread as the little trollies like to show up after an afternoon of drinking and ogling little teen girls and soil the place. Be back Sunday.


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