Monday, October 31, 2011

MNF Thread: Chargers vs. Chiefs


My 4-2 Bolts come to Kansas City to take on a re surging Chiefs team that had begun the season 0-3. At stake is 1st place in the now competitive AFC West, with San Diego struggling, KC rebounding, and Oakland going all-or-nothing on Carson Palmer.  i'm going to give comments on the game tonight, and I would be honored if the Count would join me in commenting on tonight's division rivalry.

1st half thoughts: Where do I begin to start with this team!? Rivers has played terribly with two more picks in the first quarter (he has 11 total this season), the running game is non-existent, and there's simply zero pride or fight in this high-powered offense...allegedly. The refs tonight have made some of the dumbest calls i've seen this year, including the pass interference call on Gates that would have been a TD catch.

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Anonymous said...

I wish this game was in San Diego. In fact it's criminal that it is not. WHY? Because it's Halloween. So instead of the Beautiful Charger girls in Halloween costume we get the Ehhh Chiefs girls in Halloween costume.

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