Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Final "Take" On Hank Jr.

Honestly I don't think Jr. should lose his MNF gig over what he said about the President. Don't get me wrong I hate that damn opening. Not because JR is a racist idiot but because it's the most unnecessary and obnoxious 2 minutes on TV every week. Well not counting reality shows I guess. But I have been muting him out or turning the channel when he starts screaming for years and honestly I can continue to do so.

Also keep in mind this is not a candidate for MENSA we are talking about. That beard is cosmetic he has to wear it to hide the damage he did to his face when he got drunk and fell of a cliff in Montana. There is a reason he is God to unwashed, uneducated rednecks everywhere.

And yes his politics suck and for the better part of 40 years so has his music but I can't sit here and call him a talentless bum because his politics suck and he is just little bit dimmer than Forest Gump. The fact is before he found his fortune in the mid 1970's screaming redneck country-rock crap I actually think the guy had some good stuff.

So yeah let him scream ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? That's why God invented the mute button is it not? besides it's not like you can kill his career any more dead at this point than it all ready is right?

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