Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday College Football And Whatever Else Thread

It's a bye week for Nebraska so I've got Saturday to sit back and enjoy with out having to get nervous or upset. Actually I kinda hate bye weeks. but alas we have to put up with them. Any I'll be back periodically through out the day to add thoughts on the days action. Note to troll(s) If you feel the need to post under the name of Bye week fan this week don't bother I will erase the posts as soon as I see them.

EDIT Denard Robinson just threw a pick 6 that may have sealed the game for Michigan State. The funny thing is the announce David Pasch had a shit fit. THAT TOUCHDOWN SHOULDN'T COUNT!!! THAT TOUCHDOWN SHOULDN'T COUNT!!!. He's clearly wearing his Maise and Blue. BTW how impressive is Mike Golic? To do Mike and Mike in the morning and be the head coach of Michigan! Impressive!

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