Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thank you, Steve Jobs.

Ten years ago, any person would have laughed at you if you said that we would be living in a future where you could walk into a cafe where people could listen to their music digitally, or communicate face-to-face with a friend who was all the way in Chicago, and you were in Los Angles, or be able to access information on a phone that doesn't have keys, and is touch-sensitive. We live in that time now, and we have Steve Jobs to thank for it. I can't - or anyone can, for that matter - walk anywhere without seeing the iPod, or walk around campus and see students using a MacBook Pro to finish a term paper, or see people messing around on their iPhones. None of these products would have been possible without the efforts of the former Apple CEO. His passing will felt around the world, so I want to extend my thanks to Mr. Jobs for all the wonderful and innovative products he has crafted over the years. The times would have been radically different without your genius.

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