Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well We Know Bob's New Name On Newshounds

It's funny that nobody hear is actually saying anything of substance. CBS is not saying what happened. Why not? They deny it was a stroke or medical condition. What else could it be? It certainly didn't look like nerves. It looked like someone that a) had a stroke, b) was drunk. CBS themselves have eliminated choice (a).

It's also funny that while all of the liberal state-run media are completely vile and unprofessional in their personal attacks on EVERYONE they disagree with (Palin, Tea Party, Bush, Fox News, even a freakin plumber that questioned a presidential candidate). The name calling from Chris Mathews and the loser on CNN, ABC, and MSNBC is ridiculous. Conservatives call out people they disagree with and point out the flaws they see with the opposing positions. Liberals don't debate the issues, they just mock and personally attack people they disagree with.

Who really are the haters? Conservatives don't hate liberals or atheists, we just think they are clueless and aren't going to let them screw things up further. Liberals actually hate conservative and in many cases, they hate God too.

and to MJ - There is no such thing as a dry-drunk.

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