Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscars Thread

Tonight is Hollywood's biggest circle-jerk....uh, I mean night, as many of us will see which movies and performances will takes home the golden statue at this year's 83rd annual Academy Awards ceremony. Feel free to discuss and chat about the show and who wins what on this here thread!


theroachman said...

Im very happy the way things turned out this year. There are always disapointments but I was glad for Johnathans girlfriend and the Kings Speach. Plus the bonus of Facebook movie getting so little was great. It was a really good movie but the others were better and I was glad the Academy voted that way.

Jonathan said...

Natalie Portman isn't my girlfriend. You're thinking of Rob, who is the Super Secret Stalker of Natalie Portman, but she is extraordinarily beautiful. For the record: Emma Watson is my secret love.

I'll go into more detail about the show later today.

theroachman said...

See thats what happens when you dont go to Newshounds that often you forget things like that. Lesson to me learned.

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