Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I hope there's a place in hell for this woman.

I am not one to wish ill on anyone, no matter how shitty someone is. Plus, Karma, as Kerri keeps telling me, always comes back to bite them in the ass, so why bother being upset and pissed off at that one person? There are exceptions to the rule, though: Dick Cheney, Jesse Helms and Pat Robertson are just three of the people i'm not going to shed any sympathy for when they croak, and Debbie Schlussel now joins this list, for her lack of empathy and cruelty towards the horrific ordeals of Laura Logan, the correspondent for CBS News who was separated from her crew during the protests in Egypt and was sexually assaulted before Egyptian women and 20 Egyptian soldiers rescued her.

Let me not mince words here, and say exactly how I feel: Ms. Schlussel, fuck you, you horrible, rotten, heartless woman.

Edit From The Count: Ellen on Newshounds has also commented on the reaction from some conservatives on this tragedy.

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Anonymous said...

Debbie whatshername is so vile I have seen many Conservatives denounce her. Now you know that is vile.

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