Monday, February 21, 2011

There's Actually Nothing To Add...

...except that I don't think the author of the below post at Fundies Say The Darndest Things is going to the Build-A-Bear Workshop any time soon. Such new heights (or, perhaps, lows) of paranoid idiocy!

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A couple had a one-eyed stuffed large frog named “Max”. After some period of time they began to talk about him as if he were a family member. Max sat on a bookcase and eventually the couple “noticed his eye” seemed to be looking at them. God revealed the demonic properties of Max, he was trashed and the curses broken that demons had put on the frog.

There are recorded cases where frightened children had terrifying nightmares and upon checking their room it was discovered the child had dolls and stuffed animals in the room. When these items were removed there came a calm and peace to the child and his bedroom.One very demonic item should never be in any child's bedroom or nursery - the "Dream Catcher". Always a deadly curse.

A serious issue with dolls is that many times the child develops a “relationship” with the doll, teddy bear or stuffed animal. The doll or animal becomes a playmate to the child. Some deliverance cases revealed that children actually talking to their dolls and some dolls talking back to the child ( talking back was the demon in the doll ). Look at the word IDOL and you can see the letters spelling dol. Relationships are built between people, not with dolls, puppets or stuffed animals.


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot ET! I already had a sore throat and congestion. Now my heads hurts as well! :)

Good Lord!

et said...

Sorry, Count. I couldn't help myself. The burns!

I hope you feel better soon.

theroachman said...

I heard of fundys talking to Jesus stautues on their TV and Jesus talking back to them. Hmm? makes me wonder.

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